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Is Stress Affecting Your Health? A Healthy Brain
Is The First Line Of Defense Against Stress!
Our Brain Is Very Capable Of Automatically Manufacturing The Quantity Of Chemicals It Needs IF It Is Given The Raw Materials (Nutrients From Foods or Supplements) To Do So!

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For Stress

Today's normal diet does not provide sufficient nutrients to produce adequate neurotransmitter levels. All combined, these factors can contribute to many agonizing conditions.

These tests are offered to you as a starting point to help guide you nutritionally for your best stress health. While this test is non-scientific, it is designed on the generally accepted scientific knowledge of the effects of stress and nutritional supplements needed . . .

Studies by the American Medical Association have shown that stress is the primary factor in over 75% of all illnesses medically treated today.

In Each Group Check The Items That
Apply To Your Present Feelings

Three or more yes answers in any one group indicates
a probable deficiency in a particular neurotransmitter.

The "O" Group

__ My Life Seems Incomplete
__ I feel shy with all but my closet friends
__ I have feelings of insecurity
__ I often feel unequal to others
__ When things go right I sometimes feel undeserving
__ I feel something is missing in my life.
__ I occassiionally feel low self worth
__ I feel inadequate as a person
__ I frequently feel fearful when there is nothing to fear

The "O" Group relates to a shortage of the Opiod (Enkephalin) neurotransmitters, which may create a mild sense of urgency all the time. The needed supplement for this is d-phenylalanine.

D-Phenylalanine helps maintain adequate activity levels of Opiods, increasing internal calm.

The "G" Group

__ I often feel anxious for no reason.
__ I sometimes feel free "floating" anxiety.
__ I frequently feel edgy or find it difficult to sit still.
__ I often feel a knot in my stomach.
__ Falling asleep is sometimes difficult.
__ It is hard to turn my mind off when I want to relax.
__ I occasionally experience feelings of panic for no reason.
__ I often use alcohol or other sedatives to calm down.

The "G" Group relates to the neurotransmitter GABA, which is the major calming neurotransmitter in the brain. Even a small shortaged of this brain chemical will produce feelings of insecurity, anxiety, fatique and panic. The needed supplement is l-glutamine.

The "D" Group

__ I lack pleasure in my life.
__ I feel there are no real rewards in my life.
__ I have an unexplained lack of concern for others- even loved ones.
I experence decreased parental feelings.
__ Life seems to be less colorful or flavorful.
__ Things that used to be fun are no longer fun.
__ I have become a less spiritual or socially concerned person.

This group relates to dopamine, which affects the emotional responses, the ability to feel pleasure, helps produce and maintain an elevated positive mood, aids in an improved ability to focus our attention and behavior, and assists with sharper thinking.

The needed amino acid is l-phenylalanine.

The "N" Group

__ I suffer from a lack of energy.
__ I often find it difficult to get going.
__ I suffer from decreased drrive.
__ I often start projects but don't finish them.
__ I frequently feel a need to sleep or hibernate.
__ I feel depressed a good deal of the time.
__ I occasionally feel paranoid.
__ My survival seems threatened.
__ I am bored a great deal of the time.

The "N" group relates to the neurotransmitter norepinephrine. L-phenylalanie will provide the building blocks for norepinephrine, which provides more energy, motivation and ambition.

The "S" Group

__ I can't stay asleep.
__ I am often irritable.
__ My emotions often lack rationality.
__ I occasionally experience unexplained tears.
__ Noise bothers me more than it used to.
__ I flare up at others more easily.
__ I experience unprovoked anger.
__ I feel depressed much of the time.
__ I find myself more susceptible to pain.
__ I prefer to be left alone.

The "S" group relates to the neurotransmitter "serotonin". The lack of serotonin causes difficulty sleeping and problems with the way we perceive sensory input. 5HTP is the needed supplement. 5HTP helps allow for calm, patience, clear thinking, and a restful nights sleep.

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