Alcohol Addiction And Neu-Recoverô!

Neu-Recoverô Nutritional Support For Replenishment of Neurotransmitters Depleted by the Long Term Use of Alcohol

For many years Neu-Recoverô was used exclusively in clinics, hospitals and rehab centers and wasn't available to the general public.

The brain chemistry involved in many forms of dependence (overeating, alcohol abuse, etc.) has been carefully described by qualified researchers for almost 30 years. Scientists have now concluded that the compulsive desire for excessive alcohol consumption in most instances has a genetic origin that is triggered by environmental factors.

While alcoholism is not hereditary, eighty percent of all alcoholics are born with a (genetic) deficiency in their opiod levels.

We now know that the deficiency of a number of neurotransmitters is associated with alcohol abuse and dependence. These neurotransmitters are GABA, Enkephalins, Dopamine and Serotonin.

When these neurotransmitters are deficient . . . either because of genetics or environmental stress, we experience unpleasant and unacceptable feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, anhedonia (lack of pleasure), and emotional instability.

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It is important to understand that our brain naturally produces certain chemicals. Once we turn to an outside source (such as alcohol), which contains some of the chemicals that the brain already produces, our brain recognizes an overabundance of these elements and slows down their production, thereby creating a deficiency.

Neu-Recoverô is a natural means of dealing with neurotransmitter deficiency. It can . . . along with a healthy diet, support the replenishment of these neurotransmitters that can ease the desire for excessive alcohol, and increase internal calm.

How NeuRecover works:
The amino acids and minerals serve as balanced nutrition for the brain as it works to replenish the depleted chemicals. This healthy alternative that NeuroGenesis offers is a natural replacement for the chemicals that the brain is lacking. For more than 18 years, this product has seen tremendous success and people who use the product consistently have experienced alleviation of their urges and cravings.

Over the years, NeuRecover has been used in clinics and hospitals to provide an excellent source of nutritional support to individuals who are serious about discontinuing the use of alcohol.

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