Do You Suffer From Irritability,
Outburst of Anger or Even Rage?

Anger Is An Emotion Experienced By Both Children And Adults. When Something Or Someone
Interferes With An Individual In A Negative Manner, It Can Cause Them To Become Angry.

Natural Product
For Anger

Anger is a normal, human emotion that usually occurs after, we experience something that causes us frustration, worry, etc.

Usually, this is associated with some form of stress . . . emotional, family, psychological, work or a related experience.

When we are under a great deal of stress, our brain will use up neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) quickly which are designed to help maintain calm and allow us to maintain normal thinking, feeling and actions.

I wanted to tell you about my experience with Neu-Becalm'd and my son, Bradley, who was on medication for ADHD. He took Adderall for 3 years. At first it seemed to work very well but the longer he took it the more side effects he had. His dosage went up several times and so did the side effects. He has been on Neu-Becalm'd for over 9 years and all of his side effects are gone. Some of his side effects were:

  • He didn't want to eat anything.
  • He couldn't go to sleep at night.
  • He didn't grow much for 3 years.
  • He got angry very easily when the medicine wore off.
  • He looked like a zombie at school.
  • He couldn't focus at all when the medication wore off.
  • He didn't enjoy anything.(depression)
  • He had night mares.

    This is some of the side effects. I'm sure there was more. Bradley went from being one of the smallest kids in his class while on the Adderall to one of the tallest when he got off. He is in college now and doing great. When he graduated high school he was voted most likely to succeed.

    Don't be fooled by the medication. You might see a huge improvement in the beginning, I did. Overtime the dosage will be increased and so will the side effects. Eventually they will add more medication for the side effects of the first one.

    Some of the things you should know about Neu-Becalm'd is you always take it on an empty stomach. It's not like medication so you have to give it enough time to work. For some people that is a few days. For others it may be 2 or 3 weeks or maybe even 2 or 3 months. Usually you see some improvement in the first couple of weeks and the longer you take it the more improvement you see. If you're not seeing much results you may want to increase the dosage to see if that makes a difference.

    Linda Clark

  • Serotonin is just one of these important brain chemicals - when we have a shortage of serotonin, lookout! We are . . .

    • Impatient . . .
    • Irritable . . .
    • We fly off the handle easily . . .
    • We have a short attention span . . .
    • We can be abusive . . .
    • In other words, we become a real pain!

    Serotonin provides numerous calming and stabilizing actions in the brain and body.

    When we have enough serotonin, we feel emotionally stable, we can sleep, we can sort out the feelings and determine in a logical manner if there is a threat present.

    When we are low in serotonin, we feel immediately irritable and we are overly sensitive to sights and sounds. We have difficulty sleeping and may suffer unexplained outbursts of tears.

    BeCalm'd is formulated to directly help with our normal metabolism to produce these chemicals in balanced, necessary levels to maintain normal function.

    When we have these important nutritional building blocks for the brain chemicals needed during "anger" or stress, we are better able to deal effectively with our thoughts and emotions and achieve positive results.

    Try NeuBecalm'd™ and Feel the Difference!

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