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Save 10% On Every Order . . . Every Month
With Our Autoship Advantage Delivery Program!

Our AutoShip Advantage Special Never Ends!
Shipping Examples Are USA Only!
International Shipping Prices Vary By Country!

How Does The AutoShip Delivery Program Work?

  • Your favorite products are delivered AUTOMATICALLY . . .
    Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly.

  • AutoShip is Convenient . . . Saves you both time and money.

  • You never miss a dose.

  • Free To Join . . . Minimum of 3 AutoShip Orders for these special prices.

  • These special prices are reserved for our AutoShip customers.

  • An AutoShip Specialist is just a phone call away.

An Important fact to remember is that the cost to ship one bottle of product is $8.00. We can ship up to 4 bottles for this same $8.00! By using our AutoShip program to get multiple bottles in one shipment you save the most money.

An order for 2 bottles on a bi-monthly basis will save you $16.50, while an order for 3 bottles on a quarterly basis will save you $28.75.

These examples are for the Neu-BeCalmd capsules . . . the savings on the other products are comparable. The best savings are on the 4 bottle orders of any of our products on a quarterly AutoShip.

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